Monday, March 5, 2012

Final Exm ---.> jgn kau hmpiri aku !


okeyyy.... i'm not gonna write much.

Lately i've been quite stressed out with my life.

i haven't been eating nor sleeping right.
after study, i think about study, when i sleep, i worry about work, when i wake up the next day, i'm afraid to go to Final exam !! !!
all this constant thinking and worrying is because  i lack knowledge.....

makin hari..makin mls plk nk study kn.........hihih tp perjuangan mesti diteruskn....utk kbhgiaan dimasa hdpn....x gitu kwn2? klw stuju angkt hidung ckett  :p

i know i should just chill. but i can't.....

but remember, you have to fighting for it. sabar sab....:)

hopefully i can overcome this phase in my life.
insyallah =)

حي على الفلاح
"hayya alal falah"
marilah ke arah kejayaan.

Dear readers.....tlg doakn kjyaan sy k.....
syg awk2 suma :)
k bye....Assalamualaikum.....


  1. Nice ~ Singahsinggah sini jugak.. :)

  2. huhuhuh TerBaeKkkk..Nice Pic ahakssss

  3. gmbr ko de tu ko ckp nice pic kn?? huh